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Very Christmas

Living room set for Christmas with a decadent, custom designed Tree
Custom designed residential Christmas decor featuring a life-sized reindeer, 10ft Christmas tree with wreaths and garlands to match - Indian Wells, California

Commercial & Residential Holiday Decorators

Creating magical and elegant custom Christmas decor and captivating holiday displays is our specialty. We cater to country clubs, businesses, and distinguished residences across the Coachella Valley and Southern California.


Close up of a custom decorated Christmas tree at luxurious residence in Rancho Mirage, California

Home Sweet Home

close up of red and gold ribbon woven through a christmas tree with beaded garlands and exquisite glass ornaments

Welcome to Very Christmas Inc!

Our expertise encompasses everything from purchasing, set-up, and take-down to decorated tree rentals, catering to both residences and businesses. We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to making your holiday celebrations truly magical.


Palm Springs | Cathedral City | Rancho Mirage

Palm Desert | Indian Wells | La Quinta


Palm Springs | Cathedral City | Rancho Mirage

Palm Desert | Indian Wells | La Quinta


Step 1:

Do Nothing

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close up of illuminated Christmas lights laying on the floor

Just kick back and call us. Very Christmas Inc will do all the work for you. Our dedicated team ensures a white-glove experience, delivering the highest quality results. Experience the magic of the holiday season in your space while we take care of everything. Relax and enjoy every moment surrounded by family, friends, and holiday splendor.


Step 2:

Take All The Credit!

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Soft focus shot of five Fully-decorated Christmas Trees, each different

Why not? It’s ok, tell everyone you did it yourself! Our expertise in design shines through on every installation, ensuring that your holiday guests will be thoroughly impressed. With our extensive experience in working on large-scale projects for resorts and casinos, Very Christmas Inc is the perfect partner for bringing your holiday dreams to life.


Step 3:

Until Next Year

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It’s always so much fun to see everything decorated for the holidays, but when the season ends, we all want to see it put away fast. Yet, after all that holiday entertaining, who has the energy? Don’t let this daunting task dampen your spirits, we come back and pack it all up expertly. We bring everything, boxes, tape, packing materials, and the labor. We can even haul it off to storage for you.

Holiday Shop

Introducing Our Exclusive Holiday Ornaments!

Custom Christmas decor is our specialty at Very Christmas Inc! Our clients frequently request custom color combinations to match their room decor, coordinate with their company branding, or simply reflect their favorite color of the year. We understand that finding Christmas ornaments in various colors can be challenging, which is why we have developed our own line of made-to-order ornaments that can be customized in an endless array of colors.

Discover our collection and embellish your tree with a distinct touch of everlasting brilliance. All our acrylic Christmas tree ornaments are of the highest quality and meticulously handcrafted at our studio in Palm Desert, California.

While our collection is extensive, if there is something specific you desire and don’t see, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hello@verychristmasinc.com.

Made in Studio

Elevate your holiday decorations with our exceptional collection of high-quality and durable, handmade, acrylic glitter Christmas tree ornaments.

The sparkle and allure of glitter are seamlessly infused into the acrylic during the manufacturing process. This means you can bask in the radiance of glitter without the typical mess it leaves behind. Revel in the brilliance of shimmering holiday magic without worrying about glitter all over the place.

The acrylic used in their creation boasts a high gloss sheen reminiscent of glass, exuding an air of elegance and sophistication. Unlike fragile glass ornaments that shatter at the slightest touch, our acrylic creations stand strong, ensuring that your cherished decorations remain intact for years to come.

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Designer Christmas Tree coordinated to match living rom color scheme

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