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Christmas Star Ornament, Champagne with Light Green & Red, 8.5-inch

8.5″ Christmas Star Ornament.

Champagne with Light Green and Red, No-Mess Glitter-Gloss Finish.

Acrylic is manufactured in Rialto, California.

Ornaments are designed and handcrafted in Palm Desert, California.


Christmas Star Ornament, Champagne with Light Green & Red, 8.5-inch

Product Description

Unveil a new level of sophistication in your holiday decor with our exceptional acrylic Christmas tree ornaments, designed to withstand the test of time. Combining enduring quality with stunning aesthetics, these ornaments offer the same glossy sheen as delicate glass, but without the fragility. Unlike traditional glass ornaments that can shatter with a mere touch, our high-quality acrylic ornaments are built to last. Revel in the beauty of finely crafted artistry, confident that your cherished pieces will remain intact year after year. Our ornaments are handcrafted with high-quality polyester glitter, embedded within the acrylic during the manufacturing process. This means you can enjoy the captivating sparkle of the holiday season without glitter all over the place long after Christmas is done.

Our acrylic is manufactured right here in Riverside County, and each ornament is then skillfully handcrafted at our Palm Desert art studio. Behold the brilliance of our 8.5″ Christmas star, a symbol of timeless elegance and artistry that will grace your tree with a touch of celestial allure. Illuminate your holiday season with a statement piece that speaks volumes about your impeccable taste and appreciation for enduring beauty. Experience the art of lasting charm. Embrace the sparkle without the fuss. Elevate your holiday traditions with our acrylic Christmas tree ornaments – a blend of durability, magnificence, and local artistry that defines the true essence of the season.

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